Sunday, March 21, 2010

Becky McDonah Workshop at Arrowmont This Summer!

Check out my workshop this summer June 20-26!
Course Description:
Righteous Reliquaries for Ordinary Objects. Create elaborate containers for those cherished items you keep tucked away, wrapped up in an old sock, or something that you interact with everyday. The focus of this workshop will be designing small containers that incorporate mechanisms from basic hinges to cradle hinges, bayonet closures and more… and we can’t leave out pressure fitting. Cold connections and entrapment will also be covered as we are working with found objects which may not be able to withstand heat. Surface treatments and embellishments will be addressed as well along with cutting glass for viewing options. Students will relate their design choices back to the items they choose to contain.

It will be fun! Here's one for an always important item... the packing peanut.

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