Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks to Ingrid Donaldson and The Blink Gallery!

Thanks go out to Blink gallery owner Ingrid Donaldson for talking with us on January 16th. She covered many things including tips on approaching and selecting a gallery to carry your work, as well as things to look for in a consignment contract. Importance was placed on professionalism in presentation and researching your target to know what type of work they carry and who their audience is. She also shared what is looked for in the artists/artwork carried at their gallery and the reasoning behind their approach to the rotation of the work. Other things mentioned addressed issues of pricing and whether galleries require exclusivity or not.

The Blink Gallery has an open call for new artists. For more information go to

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Join us January 16th at The Blink Gallery on Roosevelt Row

Happy New Year ADC!
Let's start off the New Year with a gallery visit to...
The Blink Gallery on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix
The vision of this gallery is to promote local and emerging artists. Combining several media into one space, this gallery offers the viewer a great range of different artworks and techniques.

Note the date and time change!
Friday, January 16th at 6:30pm

Owner and operator Ingrid Donaldson will speak of her experience with opening and managing a gallery as well as give insight on the topic of consignments from both a store owner and an artist's perspective.

An Art Gallery
610 E. Roosevelt Suite 133Phoenix, AZ 85004

The gallery is located on the NW corner of 7th and Roosevelt...Just up street from Quiznos. There is parking directly in front of the gallery. There is also parking on 5th street which is just west of the gallery.

Hope to see you there!

Kerr Grabowski Workshop

Announcing a 3-day workshop opportunity. If you have any questions, contact Marla Hattabaugh at

Kerr Grabowski
3 Days of Design and Deconstructed Screen Printing
February 14-16
Location: Marla Hattabaugh Studio
6339 E. Mitchell Dr.Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Cost: $250 for three days

If you want to know why your pieces do or do not work, to be able to simplify and make work stronger—
along with Deconstructed Screen Printing, this is the workshop for you!

We begin with a very quick, fun design exercise to “realign” our brains,
followed by a Powerpoint show of painting/drawings with images grouped according to the design principle used.
We will discuss images as they are shown.
This is exciting and revealing as it visually simplifies and makes very obvious which design principles the artist used
and how universal the usage is. If time allows, we will do another quick design exercise.

After lunch we begin deconstructed printing creating a series of prints based on chosen or assigned principle of design.

On day 2 we will do design/composition exercise and discussions until lunch.
After lunch we will print based on designs created.
On the last day we will print all day with a break for discussion of work being done.

Kerr will provide extensive handouts on deconstructed printing and design.
This is a fun, creative and enlightening workshop---guaranteed to send you home excited and chock full of ideas/images
to work with. (along with knowledge of deconstructed screen printing)
Please visit