Saturday, October 25, 2008

November 15th Meeting: Screen Printing at Marla Hattabaugh's

Students will use thickened dye to paint a silk screen so that when it's dry prints can be made by running a sodium alginate solution over the image to produce fabric. Four to five images can be made using one screen. Fabric will be rolled in black plastic to Batch for 24 hours then unrolled and washed. Your creation can then be used for whatever you desire.... quilting, framing, or weaving are just some of the possibilities.

Students may want to have some image idea in mind whether it is representational or abstract .... some Deconstructed Screen Printing ideas will be demonstrated.

No experience necessary!

Time: Festivities will begin at 10:00 am and the process will take approximately three hours. Plan on heat being a factor so screens dry - bring hairdryers to hasten the drying time if you have one. Our host has many frames, but if you have your own feel free to bring them. If you want to bring lunch, participants can sit and eat in the workroom after they are done playing.

There will be enough space for 12 participants. Please contact Becky McDonah to reserve your spot at If somebody wants to volunteer to help get all the prep work done on Friday, that would be GREAT!!! They would learn about mixing dyes/sodium alginate and setting up the space for the workshop - there would be moving tables and setting up tables, as well -maybe some laughs, too! Contact Becky if you are interested.

Supplies & Costs: You may buy Prepared for Dyeing fabric at the workshop for $5.00/yard and probably one yard would be plenty. Otherwise bring a cotton or rayon fabric that will accept dye .... and wear sorta grubby clothing. Bring a couple large black plastic bags for wrapping the fabric after it's screen printed. Cost for dyes/sodium alginate, etc. is $4.00/person.
Hattabaugh Studio
6339 E. Mitchell Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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