Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 15th Studio Visit with Kerry Vesper & Julius Forzano

Saturday, March 15th at 10:00am
Take a trip to Scottsdale to visit the studios of:
Kerry Vesper & Julius Forzano
Infuse your day with Wood and Clay!

3030 Civic Center Plaza #4
Scottsdale, AZ
Just south of Earll Dr. -3/4 of a block North of Thomas on the East side of the street.

Kerry Vesper
Kerry Vesper approaches every wood piece he makes as a piece of sculpture. Inspiration comes from his home in the landscapes of the southwest desert. He equates his methods of layering and then shaping wood to the way nature builds up layers of earth and then shapes it with wind and water. "I am intrigued by forms that are asymmetrical and flowing. In each piece I strive to capture the flow and movement of nature that I find in flowing water, desert canyons and mountains."

Vesper cuts out layers of plywood and solid woods. He stacks and glues them together to approximate the shape he intends to create. His work is not turned on a lathe. He shapes each piece by hand with carving, grinding and sanding tools and finishes them with a clear tung oil varnish. The color, texture and feel of wood appeals to the artist as does no other medium.

Julius Forzano
Julius works in stoneware and porcelain, high fire, Cone 10 reduction, both wood and salt fire. The vessel is used as a means of presenting sculpture and also as a canvas for two dimensional drawings.

His sculpture is primitive in form, yet sophisticated in concept. It represents various human conditions and relations, many of them between man and woman. Peacefulness, playfulness, discord, spirituality and even bondage are evident in the work. Often the vessel-on-vessel is used to take the figures, and thus the concept of the piece, through time and space.

The artist believes it is an important challenge to express many of life's influences and emotions in a thoughtful, playful, and visually attractive manner.

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